Imagine being able to live in a house where it listen to your command and memorized. Your house is so smart that it turns on and off lighting automatically, play your favorite music where you are, monitor the gate at night, and update weather reports on your tv screen.


Most of these commands will be programmed into home automation system, and tailored to your lifestyle. We use RTI remote processor for automation and command via ipad / ipod / androids

Multiroom A/V

Russound multiroom system will distribute audio video system thru out your house. With a simple touch of a button you will have music or video instantly. We can equipped your dream house with Russound either from the very beginning of the construction or retrofit using the collage system utilizing the existing power cable.


Security system is standard in most houses in a city like Jakarta. We install and stream the camera feed so it can be monitored from your mobile phone or any computer with ip anywhere in the world.


Smart home is not complete without the automated lighting system, where it will lit up when dark and turn off itself in the morning. Scene memory such as away, home, or holiday can be preprogram to make your life easier. Automated lighting system will ensure your electric bill is under control from any over use light power.