We have demo rooms for customers to try the equipment before they make the purchase. This show room is a full functioning studio.

La Mesa team built the facility, and the final tuning was done by world famous studio designer Andy Munro, president of Munro Associate London, and also the designer of Dynaudio Acoustics speakers.

The control room is 7m x 6.5m with L.E.D.E design. Final test with MLSSA measurement showed that the control room has a flat frequency response of 35Hz-16 Khz +/- 3dB. You can feel that the room is very transparant with sound like coming out of the front wall, and the bass is even throughout the room.

The Studio is 12.5m x 8m with 5 meter ceiling and lots of diffusers. Reverb time is adjustable from 0.5 sec - 0.9 sec by movable drapery. For recording that requires a shorter reverb time, a seperate floating vocal booth was built next to the main studio.